About Me:



Born: April 28th,1983


From: Tokyo


English: TOEIC 910



I lived in St.Louis in the US for 2 and a half years. 

I aquired Master of Arts in Advertising and Marketing there.


Work: Advertising



Hobbies are...


Traveling all over the world as a backpacker -travel is my passion and my life itself, yea, life is a long journey :) I have traveled about 30 countries mainly in Europe and South East Asia. The world is so great.

Driving and working on my car -I used to be a real car freak. lol When I was working at a gas station in Japan, I spent everyday customizing and tuning up my car. But not any more.. it costs too much..

Playing guitar and singing -I used to play guitar really seriously hoping I would be a professional something, but now I play it just for fun, making my own songs and sing them. I like all kinds of music especially rock, reggae, and hip-hop.

Drinking and dancing -drinking is like filling up myself with gasoline, dancing is like consuming the gasoline.